Fotowall 0.7

Fotowall 0.7.1 has been released today! Get it while it’s hot ;-)

FotoWall 0.7

New features in Fotowall 0.7. In the top left area you can see the web image selector.

With this release Fotowall integrates with the deep web. You can now search the network with the embedded flickr search pane and add the images to the canvas. This opens up an infinite can of content, all available for your pleasure ;-).

Other relevant features include:

  • support for Qt 4.6 (brings animations and transparencies)
  • usability fixes (rubberband selection, deletion, etc..)
  • cleaner design (new icons, loadable frames, better property dialogs)
  • italian, french and german translation
  • check for updates and web links

Don’t hesitate to ask for missing features and always remember that you can rotate pictures by dragging corners with the right mouse button ;-)

Enjoy your Fotowall!! :D

9 comments on “Fotowall 0.7

  1. I’m setting up this page for new translators ;-)
    I’ll tell you when it’s ready, but probably tomorrow. In which language do you want to translate? Do you have previous experience with translation tools? (not needed!) ;-)

  2. Forgot to mention: I translated with QTLinguist, compiled translation and put fotowall_ru.qm file into /usr/bin (where fotowall is). Also I tried to create /usr/share/fotowall directory and put .qm file there, but no luck…

  3. Heh… have just looked at main.cpp at github and tried to test like this: made a directory /usr/share/fotowall/translations and put fotowall_ru.qm there
    But still no translation…where I’m wrong?…:(

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