Fotowall 0.8

Fotowall 0.8.2 has just been released and we’re already getting some great feedback ;-)

New features in Fotowall 0.8

Cherry picked cherry features from the delicious 0.8 release:

  • Now you’ll be able to deform text changing the shape of its baseline visually (see the “Fotowall” string in the image above and its Bezier control points)
  • Pictures can be cropped to a certain area, for example to select a single person from a group. Also picture’s transparency can be adjusted, to create nice fading effects
  • A lot of work has been put into enabling OpenGL acceleration, really useful if your canvas has 100+ semi-transparent objects ;-)
  • You can now work with a transparent window (or blurred, on Vista)
  • The top-bar is now context-sensitive. We’ll move more and more content properties to that instead of the old content configuration window

Plus a lot of user suggestions and fixes have been implemented to make Fotowall always easier and intuitive to use. The 0.8 release now ships in 6 different languages: english, italian, french, german, brazilian, polish. You can even contribute your own translations.

But our favorite news is that Fotowall now has it’s official website ;-)

What about next: we’re working hard on the 0.9 release and we already have lots of new features! You’ll be surprised by what you’ll be able to achieve with the next version :D

A final special thank to Zack Rusin who created the Text on path example that was the basis of our shaped text.

7 comments on “Fotowall 0.8

  1. Enriko, that’s great. I still have a few suggestions,
    -Picture at the mouse position insert
    -Shift picture by keyboard (e.g. arrow keys)
    -Pictures together align
    Also parts of the picture.
    1. Range mark
    2. exporting


  2. (Google English …)
    If we insert a new picture, it is inserted in the center by Fotowall.

    It would be beautiful, if one could click with the mouse within a free range and the new picture at the pixel is inserted there. (e.g. with a Hotkey)
    (I have test this for me with AutoIT _WinAPI_GetMousePosX() …)

  3. @Joe: thanks a lot. We’re working on Fotowall 0.9 that comes with LOTS of cool new features!
    You will like it, I can ensure you it will be your favorite Content Creation & Publishing tool ;-)

  4. Hey guys,

    Fotowall is really amazing : simple and beautiful and handy !

    Just a question from a newby in C++ / Qt4 : how can I create a frame ? I suppose I have to create the .h and .cpp files and recompile the whole lot ; is there a tool in Qt4 to create the frame objects ? or is it the occasion for me to get into Qt4 and C++ ;P ?

    Thanks anyway for this nice and useful soft.

  5. @Alchimy1000: Are you asking what’s needed to create a new kind of picture frame in Fotowall? Well, there are 2 ways:
    1. the one you say (learning how to code in Qt/C++, adding a new h/cpp and referencing them into the code)
    2. or the easy way: just provide a svg like this: . then you can load the new frame from the frame selection dialog in Fotowall ;-)

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