Delicious Transblurency [1]

The ‘focus‘ word has many meanings, ranging from the optical concept of ‘good convergence of light rays generated by an object’ to the cognitive process of directing the attention to a particular target while ignoring other targets. Now the interesting part: this concept can be used in computers too, especially in user interfaces, to direct […]

QML to KDM! Presto!!

I’m really surprised you’re still reading, since the title really explains it all.. but for you, my beloved reader, I’ll spend some words more. The KDE login Manager The login manager is the “insert password” dialog that gets in the way when you want to use your computer. Of course you may not be the […]

I’m going Multi-Touch

This is one of the hottest topics of the moment: Multi-Touch (see the trends here). Every review of the just released Qt 4.6 mentions the Touch-and-Gestures framework and KDE is getting ready to use the technology — still it doesn’t work on X11 (yet). MultiTouch can be Fun ! I couldn’t resist, so for 99€ (120$) I […]

AddiQted to 4.6

note for planetkde readers: check the original article to see the video! I confess, I’m addiQted. You obviously think it’s normal (you’re not reading this blog by accident, aren’t you?) but it wasn’t always like this: I’ve liked some previous versions, but the upcoming Qt 4.6 really rocks! The Fotowall case As I shown previosly, […]

Cuteness 4.6

Seven days after the release of the Tech Preview 1, we released the latest stable Windows build of Fotowall [1] that was based on Qt 4.6. Somebody could argue that this is a bit imprudent. We did that because the benefits of the 4.6 release are worth the risk of the move! Indirect Benefits, or […]

Fotowall 0.8

Fotowall 0.8.2 has just been released and we’re already getting some great feedback Cherry picked  features from the delicious 0.8 release: Now you’ll be able to deform text changing the shape of its baseline visually (see the “Fotowall” string in the image above and its Bezier control points) Pictures can be cropped to a certain […]

Fotowall One Hundred Thousand

Today Fotowall reached the 100’000 downloads mark! It’s a HUGE result, and it’s even more incredible if you consider that we have no homepage, no advertising other than word-of-mouth and those are the downloads of the XP/Vista release only (we have the linux and mac releases too)! If you haven’t downloaded the latest release, do […]

Quax 4 – a tale of porting

Note for planetqt readers: the title should be ‘Quax 4 – a tale of porting’ Once upon a time, a little application called quax was landed on kde-apps. As imagination is better served by a picture, here is what quax looks like: It’s nothing but a simple and easy to use screen magnifier. You can […]

Fotowall 0.7

Fotowall 0.7.1 has been released today! Get it while it’s hot With this release Fotowall integrates with the deep web. You can now search the network with the embedded flickr search pane and add the images to the canvas. This opens up an infinite can of content, all available for your pleasure ;-). Other relevant […]

AutoGram – The machine Vs The machine

Hello, it’s me again, back on the cheating bandwagon Last time we talked about BioCheat, and now we add another piece of the web-automation jigsaw puzzle: AutoGram. Please enjoy this HQ stream of deceptive video pixels while I explain this fine new piece of trickery As you can see, this other frustration-driven program lets you […]