Fotowall is an opensource creative tool that lets you play with your pixels as you've ever wanted! Make the perfect arrangement with your photos, add text, live video from your webcam and the best internet pictures.
You will get this and much more. Get Fotowall today!

Quick news

Sunday 11 Dec 2011. Few short updates: Fotowall runs on Playbook :) It was demonstrated by RIM. Added a screenshot contributed by Jan Rimmek. Fotowall 1.0 will ship with support for Camera input on Windows too! (added few weeks ago). Oh, and we're past 470'000 official downloads :D

Sunday 1 May 2011. While Fotowall 1.0 is still cooking on git, with PDF exporting, easy printing and more features, I have to announce you that 2 (yes TWO) teams are working independently on improving Fotowall.
  1. The first group is from the Brown University and they're making it more, well.. '
physical' :)
  2. The second group is from a renewed Mexican University and they're working on the
User Experience with focus on Touch and Gestures.
I won't spoil the surprise with more details, but ... stay tuned! :D

Saturday 13 Feb 2010. Fotowall 0.9 has been distributed in Opensource-DVD18.0 with a 5/5 rating. This DVD, also available for download, features the best opensource Windows programs and in this new release they added Fotowall on the Graphics category  (see here if you can read german).

Monday 25 Jan 2010. Fotowall 1.0 is in the making! Some great features under development include the always asked Undo/Redo, some graphics effects and the cool multi-touch interaction of the pictures. Multifinger interaction (allowing you to move, rotate, scale, flip content) will be provided on multi-touch enabled systems and to people with webcams.. more on this soon ;-)

Tuesday 8 Dec 2009. Fotowall 0.9 -Alchimìa- is out! Fotowall keeps running on the innovation track at full speed and this time is bringing you easier interaction, tight and powerful workflow, and professional-level features. Screenshots, changelogs and downloads are here, for your delight ;-)

With fotowall you can

  • create original pictures, wallpapers, postcards and covers
  • print superbig posters with a small printer
  • play with live video, internet content, text and pictures

What's that 'OpenSource'?

Fotowall is OpenSource! It means that you can:

And all of this for free, it's a gift to you and to the people around you. Hear the related song too (pun intended ;-)