Latest Stable Downloads:

Fotowall 0.9 Alchimìa


  • Canvases and Wordclouds
  • Fast, Solid and Integrated Workflow
  • Graphics effects, nested editors and more!


Fotowall 0.8.2


  • Shaped Text (Bezier)
  • Contextual TopBar, OpenGL, transparency
  • Many features and bugfixes



Linux Distributions

You can find Fotowall ready-to-go for your distribution inside your package manager, without any need to build it from the source code.


Other Downloads

See the google code download page for all the available downloads. On that page you can see the evolution of Fotowall and the related media.


Unstable Downloads

There are no unstable snapshots for now.
See also the source code page if you want to build the latest Fotowall by yourself.