Welcome aboard ;-)

If you're looking how to contribute to Fotowall.. well, we are very open to every kond of contributions! Some things you could do:

  • Use the 'LikeBack' functionality of Fotowall 0.9 (and later) to send us comments and new ideas
  • Translate Fotowall into your language. All yout compatriots will benefit from that!
  • Look at the code. It's a clean codebase, you will learn a lot from that ;-)
  • Contribute code. We have a list of the most requested features and.. well, bugfixes are welcome too!
  • Contribute screenshots: we would like to have a good screenshots gallery
  • Contribute videos: we would like some tutorials, like this one by Peter Upfold

And remind to point out Fotowall to your friends. The more we are, the better ;-)


Translating Fotowall

Did you know you can translate Fotowall into your language, and all you need to know is a little bit of english and your grammar? ;-) Translating is really easy and your friends and all the users from your country will benefit from that!

How it works

The translation is done on "strings". You translate each string (some really small like "Ok", other bigger like the "Intro text") and string translations are preserved and merged between different versions of Fotowall. Just follow those easy steps:

  • You have to download the last version of the file containing the strings
  • You have to install the Qt4 Linguist tool, that comes with the Qt Sdk
    • You can find the Windows and Mac OS X standalone application in this page (thanks to Alessandro). As an alternative, you can download the complete Qt Sdk or just the Qt Framework
    • On Linux you will find Linguist or the Qt Translation tools on your package manager
  • Now start the Linguist, load the strings file, and you're ready to translate! (look at the guide for translators if needed)

When you are ok with the translation, just send us the latest version of the file with the correct name (ex. fotowall_it.ts for Italian).

Available Translations

  • Brazilian Portuguese, Márcio Moraes
  • French, Arnaud Tanguy
  • German, Martin Zimmermann
  • Italian, Enrico Ros
  • Polish, Marek Walczak

For more information about the people, see the Team page.