Here follows the list of the changes in the latest versions of Fotowall. This page is for curious people only ;-)


Fotowall 0.9

  • Fast, Solid and Integrated Workflow with Home Screen
  • New Contents: Canvas and Wordcloud
  • Graphics Effects
  • Nested Editors
  • LikeBack feedback system
  • Zoomable canvas
  • Other changes (more than 250 ;-)
      Autoblend Effect for images
      SVG export
      Quick and improved property editors
      Cursor key movement
      OpenGL performance tests and auto-tuning
      Google Images search (by Marco Bavagnoli, reqby. Rossana)
      Cleanups and Refactors: Selection, Frames, Rendering, Backgrounding, DVD/CD, Print/Export
      Fixed relative saving (with contents auto-search)
      Fixed multiple Webcams and bad Colors
      Fixed the Exact Size modes
      Fixed licensing


Fotowall 0.8

  • Bezier Shaped Text
  • Pictures: Crop and change Opacity
  • Context-sensitive Top-Bar
  • Window Transparency
  • OpenGL Acceleration
  • Added many User Requested Features
      add ok button for finalizing the text and just close the tab with X (req. by Rossana)
      network image loading from http (req. by Rossana)
      pictures on background: keep ratio in some way (req. by Rossana)
      same folder when you open the picture (req. by Rossana)
      Video -> Webcam (req. by Rossana)
      FotoWall -> Fotowall (req. by Rossana)
  • Merged external Contributions
      fixes from Georges Dubus (intro overflow and translation) and Andreas Brech (bad accelereators, scale with all corners)
  • Other changes
      restore the common behavior for rotating (left click)
      animations with 4.6: top bar, item show/hide, properties show/hide
      builds with 4.4 (without many features), 4.5 (without animations), 4.6
      fix: left alignment of some items
      fix: resizing works only with the bottom right corner. fix the others.


Fotowall 0.7.1

  • Flickr content download
  • Qt 4.6 GFX cuteness and network speed (4.6 highly recommended)
  • Rubberband selection of items
  • Prettified properties dialogs
  • Better load/save (even of network objects)
  • Load additional frames + 1 new frame (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • German translation (by Martin Zimmermann)
  • Check for updates
  • Fixed many bugs


Fotowall 0.6

  • PosteRazor Integration
  • Live Video (Linux only, requires a WebCam)
  • Export Wizard (Wallpaper, Image, PosteRazor, Print)
  • XML file format (will ensure compatibility from now on)
  • Multi-items selection (to move, delete, set properties, ...)
  • All-in-one Scale+Rotate button (different with LMB/RMB and Shift/Ctrl)
  • Perspective Transform
  • Fixed Size mode
  • Sepia Effect
  • Scale Text like Images


Fotowall 0.5

  • CD/DVD Cover composition and printing (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Rich Text (with extended editing)
  • Glow effect (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Properties configurable for all objects [reqby Ilan d'Inca]
  • Usability fixes [reqby Ilan d'Inca]
  • Save to all the supported image formats (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Properties close button [reqby Ilan d'Inca]
  • Improved stacking (fixes + relative to neighbourhoods) [reqby Ilan d'Inca]
  • Add the 'No effect' effect removal option (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • French Introduction translation (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Translation of the Introduction text (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • Fall back to QTextDocument where QtWebkit is not available


Fotowall 0.4

  • Windows executable on [github](
  • Image Effects (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • French Translation (by Arnaud Tanguy)
  • German translation [Martin]
  • Apply properties to All


Fotowall 0.3.1

  • builds with Qt 4.4
  • Brazilian translation [Marcio Moraes]
  • Configuration Panel: right click on an image and edit properties
  • More Frame types (default, heart, Plasma backgrounds) [David Eccher]
  • More Image Formats (bmp, tiff, gif, ...) [Superstoned]
  • Reflections, and really cool ones
  • Mirror the photo by clicking on an axis [Alberto Scarpa]
  • DoubleClick on a picture -> set it as background, and vice-versa [Alberto Scarpa]
  • More pretty (plasma icons) and usable (behavior) frame buttons
  • Stacking order [Superstoned]
  • Export a single picture as-you-see-it on disk
  • Fixed-ratio resize: hold CTRL while resizing
  • Visual Help [Alberto Scarpa]
  • Drag&Drop: better behavior and can change a picture inside an existing frame too
  • Pictures stay on-screen