We use git as our source code management software.

You can browse the source, download the latest snapshot or see the whole history and all the branches, here.

If you don't know how to use Git (you should, it's one of the best programmer's tools out there), just google it: there are plenty of tutorials and good resources out there, even for people that come from previous experience with cvs or svn.


Quick compile guide

if you're a developer, probably you don't need this. Since we use the Qt C++ framework from Nokia, you need to:

  • be able to read and write C++ code
  • know the fundamentals of the Qt framework (but you can learn this easily)
  • have a compiler installed in your system (gcc or msvc suggested)

Anyway there are 2 ways for compiling the source code into an executable for your machine. The easy one is to install QtCreator from Nokia. With one package you have a good IDE and all the tools you need to build the executables.
Or you can do it all by hand. In this (worst ;-) case the steps are: 1. open the console and go to the source code directory  2. run qmake  3. run make and finally  4. you'll have the executable ready for launching.


Visual History of the Code

Here is a video showing how the code base grew up over time ;-)

Done with gource.