Fotowall 1.0 'RETRO' is done.

New features till the end :D

This is the final release for Fotowall; after more than a million downloads (even excluding
the installs through Linux distros) and after having revolutionized the direct-manipulation
graphic-composition when it came out in 2007, it’s time for the last stretch of glory.

This release includes pre-built binaries for Linux (Ubuntu tested) and Windows (Win 10 tested).
For other versions of Linux the package will be available in your package manager.

Fun feature note: Ubuntu users with a WebCam will enjoy the still-unrivaled Live Camera Item,
with multi-views, live effects (perspective, reflections, mirroring, recoloring, blurring, …), which
is very eye-catching and still unmatched to this day by any other app 🥇 .

Fotowall “RETRO” 1.0 brings:

Of course this is an open source project, so it’s yours by definition. Take it
up, fork it, and change it if you don’t like how it is - or if you believe
there shall be life after v1.0 :D

Thanks for using and loving the APP - we received 2000 direct comments that you wrote using
the APP feedback system, and though we couldn’t reply to many, we really loved reading and
backing them up with code and sweat 😍

So long and thanks for all your Fotowalls!